February 7-14, 2020

Love is in the air

Pack your bags, get your credit cards, and keep an eye on your inbox! You're not gonna want to miss our sweet St. Valentine's offers!

What to give for St. Valentine?

So the 14th is right around the corner and you're not quite sure what to give to that special someone? Well if you're in need of ideas for St. Valentines gifts, then we're here to help! We know the classic fancy dinners, chocolate boxes and flower bouquets are... down right boring! And if you're looking to stir things up, and jump into the unknown with your better self, then a surprise trips is exactly what you need! This is the perfect way to show your love and endeerment for someone else, and you two can live through this adventure, it's pretty much garanteed that you'll come out the other side even more madly in love with each other than you ever where before! Besides, we're feeling very Cupid-y, so you better pack your bags because we're coming in hot with some exclusive offers that are garanteed to make you swoon. A FlyKube is the best way to give someone an original gift, and the best past is that the surprise element is already done deal!

When do offers for St. Valentine's begin?

From the 7th to the 14th of February FlyKube will put up the truest discounts- of loooooove. And for a whole week you'll be able to make your bae happy with a super special, absolutely flawless plan: A Surprise Getaway! Escape the harsh coldness of winter and fly off on a well-deserved getaway to somewhere warm and sunny! And stay alert, because we're giving away an extra present if you book a trip during these dates, care to guess what..?
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Why give a trip for St Valentines?

"On of the main reasons we recommend giving someone an experience instead of an object is simple: A material good loses it's charm pretty quickly, a memory however has the opposite effect, they tend to snowball into very powerful mementoes as time goes by, especially if you share them with someone you love, or better yet are in love with. You'll always have a fond memory of the weekend you spent with your significant other in Paris and the kisses under Eiffel Tower, or the romantic dinners on the banks of river Tíber, not to mention the classic but timeless gondole rides through Venice. A memory is forever, and a surprise trip is certainly something hard to forget!"

St. Valentines 2020: A Getaway through Europe?

So we're all aware of the most traditional ways of celebrating St. Valentine's Day, but do you know how to do it across Europe? There are cities and places we can't help but to picture when the word 'romance' is uttered, like Paris and kissing under the Eiffel Tower, or having a romantic candle-lit dinner in Rome, maybe even riding a gondola through the beautiful canals of Venice. The point is, all these options are right at your fingertips, some come and experience the best that each city has to offer on St. Valentine's


Obviously we couldn't leave the magnificent Paris out of this list, after all It IS one of the most romantic cities in the entire world! The perfect destination for any couple due to the cities unique charm and grip. You can planify an endless number of romantic, and borderline cheesy, activities. For example having dinner on the banks of river Sena, or kissing under the Eiffel tower, maybe just strolling around the engulfing neighborhood of Montmartre, and these are just three out of the many many other, absolutely mandatory, things you have to with you partner if Paris is your Surprise Destination!


The Austrian capital is one of the most romantic cities we know, a destination truly fitting for a declaration of love! You and your partner can go ice skatting on Wiener Eistraum e taste the juicy Sacher pie. But most importantly is that you imperatively ride the Noria Ferris, a ferris wheel near the opening gates of the Prater park. Absolutely perfect to get lost in each others eyes with Viena at your feet!


A getaway to sweet Portugal is the ideal plan to fall in love all over again in St Valentines! It's unique light and the peculiar streets where you can get lost in, make Lisbon a dream-like destination. And if you're lucky enough to get Lisbon as you destination, don't miss the opportunity to visit the magical Sintra! Only 20 minutes away from the city center, it will make you feel as if you've been transported into a fairy tale, it's without a doubt one of the most romantic places in the whole world! And don't forget to take a quick trip to the neighborhood of Belém, right next to Tejo river, and enjoy the famous Pastéis de Belém in the ancient pastery shop, baptized after their secret trademark product. Just the cherry on top of the sweet Valentine cake you need to finish your romantic getaway


Prague is a city embeded with romance, and this becomes more apparent when you visit this wonderful sight in wonderful company! You can lay back and enjoy a romantic boat ride down river Moldava, a night at the opera and dinner, or better yet a luxurious wine tasting! Regardless of what the lovebirds set their mind on, something that is absolutely unmissable is the hiking up 'Lovers Hill', where you'll be able climb atop Eiffle tower. Yup, that's right, Prague as a miniature version of the Eiffel tower, called the Petrín tower, and it's very worthwhile to visit and get lost in the amazing sights of the city, and of course steal a kiss or two from your awestruck lover!


Maybe London doesn't inspire the idea of romance quite as strongly as other destinations migh, but rest assured, this cosmopolis can be a VERY romantic city! London has an endless count of activities throughout all year, and many perfectly designed and curated for true couples bliss. Starting with London Eye, where you'll be able to contemplate the wonderful city in over 100 meters high above the ground! Can you picture it? You, your lover, some chocolates and a bottle of sparkling wine! Does it sound perfect, or does it sound perfect? And if you still want to go above and beyond, then head to The Royal Observatory, where you'll be able to spena a 'Night Under the Stars' in the best company


Rome is also one of the European hallmarks of Romance! A perfect city to make promises of eternal love to each other, walk hand-in-hand along the beautiful banks of Tiber and leave a lock in Ponte Milvio as a sing of your undying love! You can also go out for the most heartwarming dinners in Trastevere, and do yourself a favor, don't get on that flight back without having thrown a lucky coin into Fontana di Trevi and making a wish upon it!


It's said that the danish capital is one of the best cities to find love, and if you want to enjoy each second to it's full potential in the company of your more-than-anything, this is the perfect setting to fall madly in love all over again, just like in the day your first met, then Copenhangen is the place for you! Walking around the banks of Nyhavn holding hands will be enough to make you want to set up residency permentantly! And you won't want to leave out the famous Tivoli park, infamous for having the perfect atmosphere for first dates, plus it's one of Europe's oldest standing attraction parks. And to top it all off, go out for a beautiful dinner in Noma, the worlds best restaurant, make you beg for more!


If you love chocolate as much as you love your sweetpee, then Brussels is the place for you! A stroll down Marolles where all the pastery and jewlery shops fill the neighborhood with charm and enticement, plus the wonderful smell coming from the restaurants spread through this area will make it for one of the best sensorial experiences ever! Here you'll also be able to go up Place Poelaer, a skyscrapper with the best views of the city. And something you simply cannot miss is the fairytale-like village called Brujas, home of the 'Lake of Love' where swans come together to creat a magical show of Nature

The Unknown is infinitely more interesting than the familiar.'

"Even for those of you who are total control freaks, and like to plan everyhting to the last detail... You might be surprised to find out there's been a true adventurer burried deep inside all along! Besides, stepping out of your comfort zone is the best way to live life to it's fullest!"