March 10-18, 2020

Hoppy Easter Sale

Pack your bags, get your credit cards, and keep an eye on your inbox! You're not gonna want to miss our sweet Easter offers!

Plans for Easter?

We know, it's true, Christmas has long past and Summer is far far far away from gracing us! You, me, us, them, absolutely everyone's on the same grey and Winter-hating boat, and the sucker shows no intention of ending anytime soon... But we can turn this around, don't worry Kuber, just take a deep breath and get your calendar! See it? Those sexy looking days in April, right around the 9th and the 14th? Oh it's Easter, is it? Hadn't noticed *wink wink*

When do the Easter sales begin?

From the 10th to the 18th of March you can count on some pretty amaze-balls discounts on surprise trips! Don't let this one slide through your fingers Kuber, and take full advantage of our INCREDIBLE prices for your Easter getaway trips!! Just set aside all the hassle of having to organize the whole thing and leave it to us, we'll make you sure you can rest your feet and just enjoy the excitement of a surprise trip! Wherever, whenever, this Spring holiday you ARE gonna be traveling. Check out the amazing offers we have just for you, and hit preview on that sweet Summer vay-cay you're dying for!
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Why go on a Surprise Trip for Easter?

"Routine, work, office hours, meeting, bills, getting back in shape, it's just all too much, especially right after Christmas and New Year! And the worst part is that it's too time-consuming, and leaves no energy to plan the trips you goddamn deserve, Kuber! But don't you worry your already saturated mind, we're here to book all your problems away with last-minute tickets to the best destinations for this Easter holiday! We want to organize, the most fabulous and amazing getaway throughout Europe for you, dedicated to hopping through the best destinations. It's the ideal opportunity to escape the winter, even if it's just for a bit and help jump-start your Summer! Finally, the best bit is that you won't even have to lift a finger, except to get in the sweet airplane mode."

Where to travel to in Easter?

What to do for Easter? What are the best Spring deals and offers? Don't worry, we have all the answers right here. A getaway throughout Europe with the biggest discounts is exactly what you should be doing during the Easter of 2020! After all, it's the best way to get your mind off the endless Winter rekindle your goals and hopes for this Summer. Between the awakening of Spring and the enticing offers in surprise trips, many many flight gates are bound to open into amazing destinations, just waiting to be discovered!


Sometimes a basic is all BUT a basic, and the only basic thing about a trip to Paris for your Easter holiday should be the logistics, and we have that covered! A direct flight to Paris is always a good idea, especially when there's nice weather in the French capital. And with the slow, yet steady approaching of Spring it'll be the perfect time to visit Paris, can you picture it? Days filled with sunshine, flowers coming to blossom, and last but not least, the annual chocolate dedicated activities that take place in the city. You might not know this but Paris is one of the lead chocolatiers in the world, and they sure go all out for Easter! So in case 'What to do for Easter?' hasn't become a redundant question at this point, let us enlighten you, dear Kuber. Easter Egg hunting, Chocolate tastings that will make your taste buds implode, and strolls along the Seine river, had enough? Because if not, you sure have a lot more to do in the capital of Love, from visiting the Eiffel tower to the Chocolate Museum, all the way to Notredam stopping by the Louvre, and... well you get the picture!


Last-minute call for Easter! It might shock you to know but actually, the British have a long and strong tradition of celebrating Easter, especially those connected to the older ceremonies! It is during the Holy Thursday that the honorary Royal Maundy Ceremony is held, a tradition started in the XIII century where the Regent awards two subjects with a specially stamped coin. And on Holy Monday, or as it's most commonly called 'Angel Monday' the men showcase an interpretation of the Morris Dance, typical of the British folklore. Another hallmark of the English celebrations of Easter you simply can't miss is the infamous egg hunt! And lastly, on Friday there's a yearly reenactment of 'Christ's Ressurection' in Trafalgar Square.


"Spring Break and Bucarest? Bingo! A surprise trip right into the wonders of the Romanian capital and outskirts of Transilvania might be exactly what you need for an unforgettable Easter holiday! Right from Parliament building to the imposing avenues, all the way through the marvels of the Bell'Epoque buildings down to the Arc du Triunf ending on the University Square will make for just a small fraction of the emblematic sites you'll be able to visit in Bucarest's historic center, that makes this city a sight for sore eyes! The Parliament's Palace is the second-largest building in the world, just behind The Pentagon in Washington D.C. and both hold enough mysteries to rival the Chamber of Secrets! Bucarest is truly a surprise. Aside from all this, it's also worth noting that it's quite simple to hop to Transilvania's finest hallmarks from Bucarest's city center, such as many picturesque churches and cathedrals, and even castles, being the most famous the one owned by Bran, more commonly known as Dracula! Oh yeah, we forgot to mention, but some of these tours are suited for the faint of heart, so better bring all the guts you can muster, Kuber..."


"Where to go for Easter? The capital of Germany is known for being a hotspot for electronic music, design and fashion, and it could very well surprise you this Spring... You'll be exposed to one of the most culturally inspired atmospheres in the continent, back by the numerous events, parties and markets that give this time of year it's unique charm. One of the hallmarks sites of the city is Alexanderplatz, the biggest and most awing square of the city! A myraid of events and innitiatives are usually held right there for the populations delight and entertainment, and many others in less obvious sites, like the City Zoo, and many other gardens and open-spaces! The essence of Berlin is the Reichstag, the Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg' Gate, the Island of Museums, Holocaust Memorial, Tiergarten park and many many other attractions that would just leave you breathless! "


We all know it, Lisbon is an absolute gem! And if you're torn on where to go for Easter holidays, then Lisbon is a mighty good option... The mild and soft climate, the laid-back attitude of the locals and just the overall city dynamic, the colors, the joy, the sea, the food, and wine traditions. Ideal for spring,and in April it offers an unmissable culinary festival, the "Lisboa Fish and Flavors" during which, for 10 days, performances, show-cooking, tastings, storytelling for the palate will challange you to expand your horizons thanks to the star chefs. Do not miss the opportunity to breathe the true soul of Lisbon in its historic districts, in addition to its attractions such as the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, the most important monument in Lisbon, the Tram 28, the funiculars, the castle of São Jorge, the Miradouro de Santa Luzia. Lisbon has it all! You know where to go on Easter.


Were you considering spending Easter in Rome? Great idea! But what can you do in Rome for Easter? Well you sure won't have a shortage of places to visit, nor activites to do! Rome is full of restaurants and 'trattorias' that have typical dishes for the festivals. In addition to the unmissable food, you will also have the typical points of interest that you cannot leave unexplored, as well as museums and exhibitions for all paths of life! But if you are looking to escape the waves of tourism, then take a quick detour to the Nymph Gardens, which stretch out along the charming ruins of a small agricultural town that can only be visited during Easter celebrations! But back in the city, you can still visit the less-known places in the city, such as Casina delle Civete, an absolutely surreal castle, or get lost in discovering the most eclectic historic neighborhoods, like Garbatella. In the end, what matters is that Rome is always worth it!


With Easter travel offers, the stars have alligned for you to go forth and discover Belgium, and who knows, maybe celebrate Easter holidays differently this with an alternative approach, how does a beer tour sound? La Mort Subite café is a historic landmark opened since 1900 that offers a myriad of different beers, 45 to be exact, and to top it off, typical dishes of the region. Brussels is a treasure you'll easily fall in love with, just a simple stroll through the historic center immersed in history, a walk in front of the Grand Place in a total Gothic style of the 15th century. In this city, theres's a very unique melting pot of cultures and traditions, from French to flamenco, in addition to the impact of international high is a constant surprise, from the most representative to the most secret places, such as the Political Center of the European Union and NATO, and with 80 museums, it is undoubtedly one of the capitals of art.


Easter holidays in Bulgaria? Did you know that Sofia is the third oldest city on the whole continent after Rome and Athens? Bulgaria's capital, as well as the country's largest city, is a destination full of charm and with very different characteristics compared to other European capitals! For the Easter period, it is just perfect because April marks the transition between the harsh winter and the entrance of spring, the hours of sunlight increase as well as the temperature, making your stay in the city much more pleasant. You will be able to stroll leisurely through attractions such as the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the Boyana Church, and the Museum of Socialist Art. We can also say that the city is home to the largest Sephardic synagogue in all of Europe, with a capacity for more than 1200 worshipers. A city full of surprises that is worth discovering!

The Unknown is infinitely more enticing than the familiar'

Even if you're the typical tourist that plans each tour and visit to the minute, we think you might be surprised to find out there just might be an adventurer deep down that control-freak heart! After all, there's no harm in having a little fun and giving into the adrenaline every once in a while...