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Pack your bags, get them credit cards out and keep and eye on your inbox! Save up with the amazing Black Friday offers we have linned up

Black Friday 2019: The best online offers in travelling

Black Friday is just around the corner!! This year we have an enormous amount of surprises that will take you all around Europe! Travel more, and more economically, thanks to the best travelling deals on Black Friday

How to shop on Black Friday?

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday of 2019 are just around the corner! Want to find out the best travelling deals on Black Friday? FlyKube is offering you limited discounts so that your next vacations will feel like a gift. Don't miss out on these prices, ready your bags ASAP!
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When is black friday?

Black Friday is held every year, at the end o November, right after Thanks Giving Day (which is always the last Thursday of each November). In the past few year Black Friday's duration has been extended, by brands and shops that offer discounts and deals during up to a week.
We will dedicate a WHOLE week from the 25th to the 29th of November, to offering the best Black Friday discounts and telling you all there is to know about shopping safely. Our Black Friday may last all week, but the offers are limited, so hurry up and don't lose your discounts to someone else! Get your head out of the freezing cold and into your next vacation!

Tips to take full advantage of black friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, one of the most anticipated season by bargain lovers! However we should still keep our heads cooled and not cave into the impulse of mindless purchasing, and that's why we're giving away the best TIPS to enjoy Black Friday, so you can purchase safely and turn into an expert on finding the best discounts. Take note!

1. Christmas Shopping

Get a jump start on your X-Mas shopping during Black Friday, you surely won't find another occasion to buy such affordable gifts. If you're still not quite sure what you want to offer someone, you can always opt for cupouns and giftcards, these will be cheaper than ever!

2. Keep an eye out for flash sales!

You will have to keep alert to flash sales, typically launched a couple hours before, on low-stock products or with offers per unit.

3. Keep tabs on social media!

During Black Friday and the previous weeks, you'll have to stay alert to the your favorite brands social media channels! Most, if not all, will publish clues on th discounts you can expect to find on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

4.Search for the Black Friday offer beforehand

Most brands and stores will publish offers and deals of what will be available on Black Friday a few weeks in advance. Take full advantage of this to compare prices and know where to buy when the time comes!

5. Make a wishlist

Impulsive shopping has never been good! Or have you never regretted buying something you didn't actually needed? Sometimes seeing a discount sign excites you and you end up buying impulsively. Make a list of what you actually need (feel free to pamper yourself with a luxury item or two). Give it some thought and compare prices and follow your list to the t. Your wallet will thank you!

6. Buy online

Avoid the endless lines, the enormous amount of people and ever worse, bumping into the 'sold out' signs of the products you actually wanted. Check out the stores beforehand so you know what products you want, do your purchases online and put the stress of shopping on Black Friday behind you. Besides, if your package arrives and it's not what you expected, you can always mail it back or return it in store.

How to get all the travelling offers on black friday and cyber monday?

If you don't want to miss a single offer, then you simply have to subscribe to FlyKube's newsletter. We'll notify you before anyone else when of all our discounts. Plus you'll get exclusive perks and tips and some really neat advantages.

To shop on black friday or cyber monday?

This century's dilemma! It's important to distinguish Black Friday from Cyber Monday, because they may both be related to discounts and offers, but they couldn't be anymore different!
The first was created as a day of commerce, and is general practice amongst physical stores, despite having extended itself to the online market. The latter however, is a day dedicated exclusively to stores that have an online presence. With that being said, when to shop will depend on what you're looking to buy! However you can be sure that regardless of the date, on both days the stores e websites will packed with discounts
You'll have to keep in mind that traditional stores typically offer their best discounts on Black Friday (or at least shops physical outlets). However online shops will offer their best deals on Cyber Monday and will make use of the date to create exclusive content. Cyber Monday is a great occasion to buy something you might have forgotten during Black Friday or the days that led up to Cyber Monday, or from online only stores.
Revisit us from the 25th to the 29th of November and discover all of our offers. Don't limit yourself to revisiting our website, subscribe to FlyKube's newsletter so we can notify you when our Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers go live!